Weekend Magazine – December 13th 1967

Another great donation to the tent by Ray and Stuart Hall, this old UK paper which was price at 6d / sixpence / six old pence, had a three page feature discussing Stan and Babes marital woes, especially those of Stan… Read on!

Written almost three years after Stan died, the article is plagued with inaccuracies, but it is fair to assume that it was written with the best available information at the time. Still very interesting though, especially in the writing style and pretty unsympathetic views of the boys individual matrimonial plights, it is well worth a read.

The piece mentions the then still ongoing case where Virginia Ruth Laurel, reappeared to challenge his estate in 1967. Mike’s extensive searching of the interweb hasn’t revealed if this ever was resolved!

Virginia was the wife who walked in just after Stan’s 3rd wedding on January 1st 1938 to Russian Vera Shuvalova, better known as Illeana, screaming “Bigamist”. Virginia, Stan’s wife#2 – assuming we forget about Mae Dahlberg, ‘wife’#1, to whom Stan was looked upon as wedded on a ‘common law’ basis – stay with me – was of the opinion that their divorce (Stan and Virginia, that is!) had not been finalised. Phew!

She obviously forgave him though, as upon Stan’s divorce from Illeana less than two years later, she promptly remarried him, becoming Stan’s wife#4. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a script from a Laurel and Hardy comedy!

Anyway, please click on an individual image to open the gallery. This will also allow the images to be downloaded. As you will see, I’ve enlarged the relevant text.

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