The Beau Chumps Second First Birthday

Vice Sheik / Sheik in charge of Vice, Peter Jones, reports

After celebrating the original Beau Chumps Tent’s first birthday in 1985, the reformed Beau Chumps Tent celebrated it’s ‘second’ first birthday on Wednesday 8th January 2020. Time has flown since the tent re-energised 12 months ago and in those months we have enjoyed great evenings together with Stan and Ollie.

The Chumps at the first birthday bash!
Birthday cake, hard-boiled eggs, nuts. ‘All the right grub, but not necessarily in the right order…’ with thanks to Eric M

More than 20 Sons and Daughters of the Desert enjoyed an evening of treats from Stan and Ollie. We laughed  and laughed at Night Owls, Going Bye-Bye and Way Out West with the usual refreshment and harmonies. We had a light supper of hard boiled eggs and nuts hmmm and Mrs Laurel was up all night creating a splendid birthday cake (well the nice lady in Asda did) which went down just swell. Add to this the limited edition commemorative badge which all received, everyone enjoyed another great evening.

It did not go unnoticed that Grand Sheik Mike Jones was not slow to point out he could still get into his Sunderland 1988 convention tee-shirt. Just…

Mike and Peter… before diving into the cake.

As Anth Q said “…another great night celebrating our first year university. Hard boiled eggs and nuts Hmph!!! lovely cake, January sale, a raffle and watching the boys, what more do you need?”

As we look forward to another splendid year of laughs and fun with Stan and Ollie why not bring along a chum to share in the enjoyment. As you know our tent has a great mix of characters sharing the love of the comedy genius of Laurel and Hardy, from the youngest member, Harrison K to Ray B who actually met Stan and Babe in 1954 when they performed at the Sunderland Empire Theatre.

We all simply enjoy talking about and watching our comedy heroes, so if anyone you know or anyone visiting our website – put together by Mike – who wish to come along please do. We all meet on the second Wednesday of the month in the Ditchburn Suite of the Ashbrooke Sports Centre in Sunderland from 7.30pm. A warm and friendly welcome awaits all.

See you all in February

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