Laurel and Hardy Street Art

Anth Q is a committed member of the Beau Chumps tent and regular contributor to the Chumps email updates and to the Website.

Anth: “I am a big fan of Street Art when it is done properly and loved the one of Stan at the back of the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston. Just got me thinking of other Stan and Babe inspired street art and I found some nice examples.”

German Son, Harry Hoppe has also found a few and these too are included below, though we couldn’t identify the locations of some of the below which are from across the planet; If you can help, please let us know using the comments section, and Mike will update this with the details.

Members of the Beau Chumps tent at the Museum in Ulverston in July 2019, in front of the new artwork.

This was the original artwork on the wall of the Museum that was a favourite of Anth’s. The image on the right shows it being installed in 2014. It was replaced with the amazing artwork in the image above with the Chumps in 2019.

This amazingly real, almost 3D ‘Tramhalte’ image can be found in the Hague
At an unidentified location in Milan
This one can be found on a post box in Vincennes- Rue De Fontenay in Paris.
Culver City, Los Angeles. Home of the Hal Roach Studios
Oliver ‘Babe’ Hardy was born in Harlem, Georgia. This image can be found in the city and was created for their annual Laurel and Hardy Festival.
We’ve no idea in Belgium where this image is from, but perhaps a piano or two has been carried up the steps behind the boys?
Bill C and Willie Mc confirmed that “this was one of the murals on the side of the Clutha Vaults, 167-169 Stockwell Street in Glasgow which was erected after a police helicopter crashed into the pub on the evening of 29th November 2013. The mural is all but gone now – a victim of the weather.” (“Surprisingly it does rain sometimes in Glasgow” Bill C).
“The pub is on the opposite side of the street and a bit further along from what was the Metropole Theatre – now sadly gone. Incidentally, ‘Clutha’ is the Gaelic name for the River Clyde which runs close to the pub”.
This rather surreal image can be found in the Turnpike Lane area in Harringay, North London
In Tirana, Albania, this was seen on the side of what looks like a van, The young lady is there, I suppose, to give the image some perspective…
An unknown location in Puerto Rico.
Back to Ulverston for an Image that was created for the annual ‘Another Fine Fest’.
These cleverly positioned stickers can be found in Caracas, Capital of Venezuala.
Spotted on a garage door in Blackpool, these caricatures are quite excellent!

From Harry ‘the Prof’ Hoppe, more splendid examples:

Clearly inspired by Two Tars, this gem can be found on Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Sadly though, its only visible when the shops are closed, so not many will see it…
Some cleverly applied stickers; from somewhere in Europe perhaps?
This can be found in Alicante in Spain

Finally, a splendid image you might have seen before that was spotted by Anth on a Chimney Sweep van in Easington, North East England.

As mentioned, if you can add to the above in terms of additional information or images, please get in touch via or in comments below. Thanks for looking.

2 thoughts on “Laurel and Hardy Street Art

  1. Great article! Love those stickers in Venezuela!

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    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit.
      We’re sure there are lots more out there, but finding and identifying is – as you well know – a challenge!
      Mike Jones

      Liked by 2 people

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