New Book – Tell Me That Again!

Gary Winstanley, Grand Sheik of the Dirty Work tent of Wigan has, throughout the 2020 UK Granolavirus lockdown, been delivering a ‘Quote of the Day’, every day, to put a smile on our collective faces and help keep our spirits up. He had the idea to pull these all into one place – in a book, perfectly titled “Tell Me That Again – The Book of Laurel and Hardy Quotes” which was published on 8 November 2020

These wonderful quotes have been dropped into our in-boxes and on to various social media platforms in the form of memes, and have been something to look forward to and to smile at at the beginning of the day, when lets face it, we rarely knew what was in store…

Tell you what, why don’t we let Gary explain: I began posting the memes on the Sons of the Desert page [on FaceBook] on 5th May 2020. We were several weeks into lockdown at that point. I had recently moved house so was busy at the beginning of all that. The original plan was to post a quote of the day just for a few weeks but I got carried away! It didn’t take too long to reach 100 of these and I just kept going with them. I knew a lot of quotes myself but wasn’t always sure which film they were from. That’s when I contacted Matthew at the museum (he knows his stuff.) Matthew was great at locating them. He even suggested others to use later.

Being the shy and retiring type, our esteemed author, Gary Winstanley, keeps a low profile while savouring the first read of his latest production.

A while into the quotes, I created a nice poster collage from them. It was just after that, I decided to post them until the 31st December. It was around then, I thought it would be a good idea to put them into a photo book. This was only going to be for my own amusement but I guessed others would like a book full of Laurel & Hardy quotes too. 

When I first started with the quotes, they were done quite quickly and I didn’t give too much attention to the image quality. However, when I’d decided on the book, I remade many of them (in fact most were remade.) I went to digital copies of the films to get the frame needed and created higher quality 2nd editions of the memes. Grabbing the images needed was also a good time to double check the wording!

I did a count up the other day and the claim of “Over 300 quotes” is a legitimate one. It’s not 301 or 302, it is in fact 340 in total. Picking a favourite from all of them is almost impossible to answer but if I have to pick one, I will go with the line that is used as our tent’s slogan (Dirty Work) “Somewhere, an electric chair is waiting!”

There’s also a splendid foreword from Sons stalwart and Berth Marks tent member Matthew Cooper and we’ve dropped a few example pages in to whet your appetite…

From the publisher: In 1921, Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy appeared together, by chance, in the silent film ‘Lucky Dog’. They encountered several more appearances together as the next few years went by. By 1927, they were both working at Hal Roach studios in Culver City, Los Angeles. It was here where they became the comedy team we know and love. This book focuses on the funny (& very often random) dialogue used in their sound films during the Hal Roach era, featuring well over 300 classic Laurel & Hardy quotes, which are accompanied by a still image from the moment in the film they’re from.

While we all have a few favourites – “You can lead a horse to water... , “Here’s another nice mess…” and perhaps even the absolute classic “Excuse me please, my ear is full of milk…” it seems Gary has three hundred (Actually 340!)! Well perhaps not all are his favourites, but he did have to identify, track down and then capture the appropriate image for each and every one of them – no mean feat that; and then he had to go and create the meme too!

In case you’re concerned, this is not just a mish-mash of random quotes and images. The content has been thoughtfully arranged into 26 sections, such as ‘Greetings, ‘Weather’, ‘Honesty’ and ‘Sleep’!

I think congratulations are in order as from my copy, I’ve seen each image now and all are of excellent resolution despite the clear difficulties faced in capturing them. The book is paperback, (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm), and is printed on bright white coated paper, which looks quite splendid.

The book will make brilliant addition to any Laurel and Hardy collection, and of course will make a wonderful Christmas pressie for that discerning Laurel and Hardy aficionado and can be ordered directly from the publisher using this link, at £8.99 plus postage. Beau Chumps tent members can take advantage of the usual ‘new book offer’ where our tent funds will subsidise the purchase by 20% and cover the postage. Please email Mike for full details, though given the ongoing restrictions, those lucky Christmas recipients may be best served by ordering directly from Those not interested need not apply!

So, if you’re a little bit on the low side, need cheering up, or just want to brush up on your Laurel and Hardy Quotes knowledge, I can happily recommend this as the solution. As noted, it’s a super addition to my L&H Library, and it will certainly add to yours. The old feller, who introduced me to Stan and Ollie when I was about 6 is getting one in his stocking this Christmas too. I know, he’ll love it! And finally, a spot the difference competition:

Deja vu, or what?

You may know that the Dirty Work tent host the annual one-day Laurel and Harday Convention in Wigan every September and Gary published collection of reviews, photos and newspaper articles covering the first 21 years of the event in 2013 – Laurel & HarDay Scrapbook (

Gary has also previously published the A-Z of Wiganese (, and Rent a Wreck Trilogy – The Complete Scripts (

If you’ve got a copy of “Tell Me That Again” and would like to add your thoughts on this brilliant publication, please do so in the space below – we’ll make sure Gary sees them. Alternatively, you may have a question. If Mike can’t answer it, he’ll make sure Gary hears from you. Thanks for visiting!

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6 thoughts on “New Book – Tell Me That Again!

  1. Spot the difference: a lack of Laurel & Hardy cushions in your pic, Master Jones! Come on lad, get your act together!
    The book looks great. I’ll drop some not so subtle hints to Mrs Hardy to add it to my Christmas list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ian and well done, that’s one difference down with only 73 more to go!

      Gary will be chuffed at your comments – the book really is well laid out and is of excellent quality and he tells me it’s selling well. As noted in my emails, I have a few discounted copies for Tent members so let me know.

      Stay safe



  2. I read this book from beginning to end but the beauty of it is you can just pick it up and open it on any page to find a classic quote to make you smile. It’s also educational and I consider my quiz knowledge now well and truly polished.
    Well done Gary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Anth and thanks for visiting,

      I couldn’t have put that better myself and I’m sure Gary will be pleased to read your comments.

      I love the way its been laid out and of course the attention to detail: Babe opening and closing with “I’m Mr Hardy and this is my friend Mr Laurel” as the first slide and “That’s all there is, there isn’t any more, is there Stanley” as the last. And then there’s that splendid composite pic from Liberty with the boys sat on a girder overlooking Ulverston. Quality!

      Thanks again, and take care.



  3. Well I don’t believe me! What a fantastic book Gary has created, packed with great funny pictures from our heroes films with their perfect sayings accompanying them. Superb research Gary. I laughed until I stopped. Thanks Gary I think every Stan and Babe fan should have this volume in their L & H library.


    1. Hello Peter

      I’m sure Gary will be delighted with your remarks.

      There’s so much more to the book than just quotes though, Gary’s witty remarks that accompany each section really help to pull the book together, and I like you, laughed out loudly on more than one occasion. As Gary says, you can ‘hear’ the boys saying these lines which makes it funnier still!

      Merry Christmas



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