A to Z

Clicking on an individual film will link to some facts, plot details, background information, photographs from the film, scene-setting ‘Title Cards’ and even some personal thoughts and conclusions by Mike Jones. Also included are ‘then and now’ views of some of the locations as they were when filming took place and again in August 2016.

Click here if you prefer a list of the films in chronological order.

Any errors therein are Mike’s, but thanks for the inspiration to IMDB; various websites including bowlerdessert.com; Laurel-and-hardy.com; sonsofthedesertinfo.com/ and the many books he has read over the years where there are too many to mention.

Grand Sheik of the Dirty Work tent of Widnes, Gary Winstanley, previewed a 4 minute 42 second video at the annual Laurel & HarDay in 2018. He had made it as part of the 2019 UK Convention film show in Wigan and is called ‘107’. Now, that number should mean something to you, as it is the total number of times Stan and Babe appeared together in a film. Now click on this link an. d you will see all 107 title cards and a clip from all 107 movies!!! Great stuff!

Anyway, after all of that excitement, we hope you enjoy looking at a brief synopsis on each of the films, with a few facts, quotes and tribes thrown in with some of the foreign language versions looked at for good measure,


Air Raid Wardens

Angora Love

Another Fine Mess

Any Old Port

Aerial Antics

Atoll K


Babes in Toyland

Bacon Grabbers

Battle of the Century, the

Be Big

Beau Chumps

Below Zero

Berth Marks

Big Business

Big Noise, the



Bohemian Girl, the

Bonnie Scotland

Bote en Bote, de


Bullfighters, the

Busy Bodies


Calaveras, los

Call of the Cuckoos

Carottiers, les

Chickens Come Home

Chimp, the

Chump at Oxford, a

Come Clean

County Hospital


Dancing Masters, the

Devil’s Brother, the

Dirty Work

Do Detectives Think?

Double Whoopee

Duck Soup


Early to Bed


Finishing Touch, the

Fixer Uppers, the

Flying Deuces, the

Flying Elephants

45 Minutes From Hollywood

Fra Diavolo

Fraternally Yours

From Soup To Nuts

Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy, the


Going Bye-Bye!

Golden Age of Comedy, the

Great Guns


Habeas Corpus

Hats Off

Haunting We Will Go, a


Hog Wild

Hollywood Party

Hollywood Revue of 1929, the

Hoose-Gow, the





Laughing Gravy

Laurel-Hardy Murder Case, the

Laurel and Hardy’s Laughing 20’s

Leave ‘Em Laughing


Live Ghost, the

Love ‘Em And Weep

Lucky Dog, the


March of the Wooden Soldiers

Me and My Pal

Men O’War

MGM’s Big Parade of Comedy

Midnight Patrol, the

Movie Struck

Music Box, the

Music Blasters, the


Night Owls

Noche de Duendes

Nothing But Trouble

Now I’ll Tell One


Oliver the Eighth

On the Loose

On the Wrong Trek

One Good Turn

Our Relations

Our Wife


Pack Up Your Troubles

Pardon Us

Perfect Day

Pick a Star


Putting Pants on Philip


Robinson Crusoe-Land

Rogue Song, the


Sailor’s Beware

Saps at Sea


Second Hundred Years, the

Should Married Men Go Home?

Slippery Pearls, the

Slipping Wives

Sons of the Desert

Stolen Jools, the

Sugar Daddies

Swiss Miss


That’s My Wife

Their First Mistake

Their Purple Moment

Them Thar Hills

They Go Boom

Thicker Than Water

This is Your Life

Tiembla y Titubea

Tit For Tat

Towed in a Hole

Tree in a Test Tube, the

Twice Two

Two Tars


Unaccustomed As We Are



Vida Nocturna, la


Way Out West

We Faw Down

We Slip Up

When Comedy Was King

Why Girls Love Sailors

Wild Poses

With Love And Hisses

Wrong Again


You’re Darn Tootin’


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