Beau Chumps Tent Meetings

The Chumps meet at 730pm on the second Wednesday of every month in the Ditchburn Suite of the Ashbrooke Sports Club, West lawn, Ashbrooke, Sunderland SR2 7HH. Membership and entry is free and all are welcome, but if you would like to make a donation to tent funds by buying a raffle ticket or five, that would be just swell!..

Meetings have not taken place since March 2020 Other than one we managed to squeeze in in September 2020) due to GranolaVirus restrictions, but…

Please see below for this years calendar

Members of the Beau Chumps tent visit Stan’s birthplace, Argyll Street, Ulverston in August 2019

The reinvigorated Beau Chumps tent resurfaced in January 2019 at the Boars Head in Sunderland where Stan’s stage pal from the early 1900’s, Benny Barron, was the tenant in the 30’s. We moved to the larger Ashbrooke Sports Club in July 2019.

Click on the link to see what is/was planned for each meeting below. Post meeting blogs can be found here

Wednesday January 8th 2020

Wednesday February 12th 2020

Wednesday March 11th 2020

Wednesday April 8th 2020 (Cancelled due to Granolavirus and self-insulation restrictions)

Wednesday May 13th 2020 (Cancelled due to Granolavirus restrictions)

Wednesday June 10th 2020 (Cancelled due to Granolavirus restrictions)

Wednesday July 8th 2020 (Cancelled due to Granolavirus restrictions)

Wednesday August 12th 2020 (Cancelled due to Granolavirus restrictions)

Wednesday Septober 9th 2020

Wednesday Octember 14th 2020 

Wednesday Nowonder 11th 2020

Wednesday December 9th  2020

The bulletins for all of the 2019 meetings can be found here.

Proposed meeting dates for 2021 are here, though at this early stage are subject to change

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