Hats Off!

Released November 5, 1927 (Silent – two reels).

Title Card: The story of two boys who figure that the world owes them a living – But is about thirty-five years behind in the payment –

Where did I leave that piano….

Plot: Stan and Ollie are door to door washing machine salesmen, who have to drag their merchandise to the top of a huge flight of stairs.

Fun Facts: The most popular of the duo’s films in 1927 but no known prints or even sections of this film are known to exist.

The Hats Off / Music Box Steps in August 2016

Edgar Kennedy used the ‘washing machine up a large flight of steps’ premise in his 1945 short Its Your Move. A smaller washing machine and different steps were used though…

Hats Off! was essentially remade in 1932 as Academy Award winning The Music Box and shot at the same location Silver Lake district of Los Angeles, between 923 and 935 Vendome Street. The location remains a popular tourist attraction and the site is marked with a marble plaque and a street sign that reads “Music Box Steps.”


More ‘then and now’ locations info can be found here.

At left, a lobby card / poster from Hats Off!

Hats Off! Is considered the ‘Holy Grail’ of Laurel and hardy films and an item discussing this very fact with many other images can be found here.

There was apparently a different version released in Holland, and more can be found out on this here.

The aftermath!


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