Images from Facebook

Fellow Chump Alan Kent has been diligently visiting Facetube or something like that to collate a substantial collection of rare and unusual photographs of Stan, Babe and others. Some are unusual stills that differ to those most often seen and are mainly from the ‘classic years’, but many are present that cover the boys entire career.

Apologies to anyone who hasn’t granted permission to reproduce these.

Most have been taken from the pages of Laurel and Hardy fans across the world, though some have popped up in obscure locations too. Our thanks to Alan for his ongoing efforts and for understanding social media in the first place! Note that these may take a short while to load…

There are well over 300 images to view, Gallery One is below, click on the following to view the others. Gallery Two ; Gallery Three ; Gallery Four ; Gallery Five; Gallery Six; Gallery Seven; Gallery Eight; Gallery Nine; Gallery Ten; Gallery Eleven

Click on any image to open Gallery One, and enjoy.


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