Now I’ll Tell One

Released October 5, 1927 (Silent – two reels).

In case you are wondering, this is actually a Charley Chase short in which a pre-teamed Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy both appear.

Now Ill Tell One
A bespectacled Stan as the Lawyer and a rather ‘concerned’ looking Charley Chase in Now I’ll Tell One.

Plot: A husband (Charley Chase) is being divorced by his wife (Edna Marion) who makes up a wild series of yarns, telling the judge of his cruelty, abuse, and drunkenness. During what we presume can only have been an earlier momentary lapse of reason, Charley has hired Stan Laurel to represent him!

Presumably created to attract audiences to see the film, this lobby card sees Charley pointing a gun at his wife. Hmmm…

Stan’s character attempts to defend Chase but only succeeds in making him look worse. Oliver Hardy has a small part in a flashback sequence as a police officer.

Fun Facts: This is not in most Laurel and Hardy filmographies as many were unaware that they both appeared in it. There are no scenes in which Stan and Babe appear together in the second reel and Randy Skretvedt tells us that “judging from the script, they had no scenes together in reel one“.

Previously presumed lost, the second reel was unearthed by our friend, David Wyatt, in 1989. Until then, the movie was believed to be a Stan Laurel solo appearance. the short was screened publicly for the first time as part of the Stan Laurel Centenary Celebrations in London in 1990. It was shown publicly again for the first time since the Second World War in 1993 at the first European Sons of the Desert convention. Sadly the first reel is still missing.

Babe as the cop.

It seems that despite the already apparent chemistry between Stan and Babe, they could still appear in the same film, though not as a team.

Laurel and Hardy Stock Company alumni Edna Marion (From Soup to Nuts, Flying Elephants etc) and Dorothy Coburn (The Finishing Touch, Leave ‘Em Laughing etc) also appear in this short.

Dialogue: Again from Randy, there’s a nice line where Officer Hardy enters having heard a shot in the Chase residence and asks what Charley is doing: “I’m getting ready to shoot my wife!” he responds. Hardy laughs and replies “Pardon. I thought it was something serious.”

More info and a splendid blog on the movie can be found here on the brilliant LAUREL and HARDY website

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